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Labrys Leadership: Leadership Development

It is often stated that our world is in need of better leadership.
Yet, what do we talk about when we talk about leadership?
What is leadership in your organisation about?
Are we looking for leaders who are able to change the course of the world? Visionaries, strategists?
Sometimes we do.
And sometimes, we want leader-managers who understand reality.
Managers who are capable to set goals and support their teams in delivering these goals.
Labrys Training supports both.
Development of individual leadership and development of management.
Besides, Labrys Training facilitates team building and international collaboration.
Based upon solid experience and development models, integrating theory and practice.
Tailored to your specific situation.Work with Labrys!
Contact Jacqueline Mulders at +31 (0)20 699 7418 or +31 (0)6 123 78 311 and find your way to effective training in English, Dutch or Russian.