Mindfulness & Stress Management

“You should not believe everything you think”

The thinking mind is a very helpful and powerful tool. It helps you to create, manage and enjoy your life and supports you to survive your challenges in the workspace and in life in general.
However, sometimes your mind can bring you also to other, less positive experiences. How many times was your mind unwilling to relax and stay away from a topic, causing you a terrible headache? How many times did your mind remain in a strain of thought, going round and round, repeating itself without solving anything? What happens to you if you are on your way to this important appointment and you unexpectedly run into a huge traffic jam? Are you able to manage your mind, your thoughts in these situations? Or do you become the victim of the highest levels of adrenaline, also known as “stress”?

Training Description:
This training will give you understanding of your mind’s processes and your reactions to events taking place in the outside world. It offers possibilities to reduce the impact these events have on your body, your thoughts and other internal systems. The greater part of the training consists of exercises, which allow you to experience how you can choose for a life with more clarity and less stress.

Any professional, manager or team leader who wants to take control of his or her state of mind and experience less stress.
A training of two days is recommended, as is a minimum group size of 6. In case of more than 12 participants 2 trainers are required.

Learning Objectives:
Understand your mind’s processes and their effects on your body. Know how to recognize the signs of upcoming stress and be able to manage your own response to this.

• Exercises
• Mind theory
• Exercises
• Developing your senses
• Is it all in the Mind?
• Exercises

Targeted outcomes:
A more stable you. A clearer mind. The ability to use your thoughts as a most powerful tool.

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