Successful Change Management

How to effectively lead change

You probably know the statistics: 70% of all change initiatives fail. The targeted goals of the change project are only partially delivered or not at all, the budget explodes halfway the project, unexpected side-effects need to be managed, the departments involved lose their motivation and experienced colleagues become cynical bystanders. With these outcomes, how dare we even consider to initiate change?
Because we have to. In order to remain or become successful, we need to adapt to the changing world.

Change is a very interesting phenomenon. In our dynamic world everything is changing all the time, most professionals spot improvement opportunities requiring change all the time, so why is it so difficult to collectively come to agreed results?

Training Description:
This training is developed to generate awareness and understanding of both the technical and projectmanagement aspects of change projects, as well as the psychological and people-related aspects. You will acquire tools and techniques to successfully manage a change initiative and to prevent failure.

Everybody who is or will be responsible to manage change initiatives and successfully deliver results.
Depending upon the specific situation and need of you and/or your colleagues, a training of one or two days can be offered. A minimum group size of 6 is recommended, in case the number of participants exceeds 12, two trainers are required.

Learning Objectives:
Understand how to prepare, design and deliver a change initiative. Acquire knowledge on the manifold organisational elements which are affected and influenced by a change project. Know how to prevent and manage resistance. Know how to keep a balance in managing change in Process, Culture, Structure and Systems. Learn how to be an effective Leader of Change.

• How do you perceive and experience Change?
• Practical Exercises
• Theory and Tools by renowned Change Gurus
• More Practical Exercises
• Where do you hit your seven-headed dragon?

Targeted outcomes:
Managers, Teamleads and Professionals who will be able to deliver successful change projects into their organisations.

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