Strategic Planning

“However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results.”
Winston Churchill

Strategic Planning
Many organisations find it difficult to define their strategic way forward, considering their vision and mission. Or they face challenges in addressing the right target group to reach their expected goals. Within teams often difficulties appear in combining activities, resources and timeframe in the way, expected by higher management or donors. Sometimes not all team members or staff are really aware of the strategic plan and/or share the set direction.
These are just some examples of the manifold challenges being experienced frequently while dealing with strategic planning processes.

Training description
This training is designed to support managers and team members to better understand background, concepts and processes of strategic planning. Attention will be given to all apects of the strategic plan: development, execution, monitoring and evaluation.

Managers and their team members who deal with the strategic plan and want to understand or understand better the concepts and strategic planning processes.
Max group size is 12 (for one trainer) and 25 (for two trainers)

Learning Objectives
Improve your team’s understanding of strategic planning processes in general and your specific strategic plan as part of your vision and mission and organisational aims. Your team will recognize how their daily activities and work results align with your strategy.
The training also aims at visualising the congruency between day to day work and the umbrella strategy, to show a consistent picture to your clients, donors or other stakeholders.

You might have other learning objectives in mind, responding more adequately to your demands. We always ensure that your set objectives are considered in our training concept.

During the training we address the specific challenges your organisation is facing. Therefore relevant highlights will be identified from case to case. Potential elements are:

  • Case studies
  • Strategic planning contents
  • Strategic planning processes
  • Review of your own situation
  • Transfer exercises
  • Development of follow up mechanism
  • Review of learning results
  • Evaluation of the training

Targeted outcomes:
Managers with a better understanding of and an increased ability to communicate about the strategic planning process to the team and connect the planning to the daily activities. Team members with an increased understanding of the content, direction and importance of the strategic planning process.

This training is offered in cooperation with 1402 Judith Final Logo thiemannconsulting for organisational and project development.
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