Improve Team Leadership & Engage your Team

One Day Workshop

Finding the balance between authoritative and distributed Leadership is not an easy job. How do you create the atmosphere in which your team performs best? Are you giving your teammembers what they need to perform at their best, and if not, would they dare to come up to you and ask for it?
Would you want to know if you and your team could do even better?

Training description:
This One Day Workshop is designed to improve your own Leadership and the Involvement of your Team. Highly practice- and results-oriented, it gives you the tools to continue your development with your team afterwards.

Team Leaders, Managers and their team members who want to understand the level of their own professional effectivity as Leaders and find ways to become better.
One trainer max Group Size 15, two trainers 30

Learning objectives:
Know and understand Leadership and Management principles which matter to you. Become aware of the current status and level of your Leadership. Understand your own improvement and development opportunities and work on a development plan to become an even better Leader and Manager. Enhance effectivity and commitment of your team.

• Fundamental Leadership concepts, including recent insights and developments
• Leadership perceptions within the Team
• Groupwork: what do we need and what do we contribute?
• Joint conclusions and Agreements
• Follow up

Targeted outcomes:
Current top 3 Priorities for you as a Leader to focus on.
Review and Intervision schedule with (selected members of) Team to discuss status and progress.
Improved Quality of Leadership.
Improved communication throughout the team, improved teambuilding.

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