New Manager Programs

You were recently promoted to your first manager role and you face numerous new challenges.
You were probably selected and appointed as a manager because as a professional you delivered excellent results.
But now your role is different: you will have to motivate and manage your team towards these same levels of excellency.
How do you manage?
What do you need in order to succeed in your new role?

As a leader and manager you need to understand your people. Leadership is not only about telling. It is a lot about listening too. It is about understanding what is going on in the workspace, and knowing what you can do in order to influence this.

The Labrys New Manager Training Programs offer exactly those insights, competencies and skills you need to be successful. The Training Programs consist of a balanced mixture of theory and practical exercises, ensuring that you will not only understand the new skills, but will also be able to apply them immediately in your workspace.
In order to integrate your new skills and behavior in your daily work as soon as possible, at the end of every training day you will be asked to work on a practical assignment. A presentation of the results is expected at the beginning of the next training day.

Please select your Training Program:

New Manager Program “Core” (5 Days)

New Manager Program “Extensive” (9 Days)