The Symbol of the Labrys

Many meanings and interpretations have been given to the symbol of the Labrys, the mythical double axe. I took the liberty to choose my favourite interpretations and elaborate a bit on those. So please find what made me select this name for my training organisation.

Some sources indicate that the Labrys served as the favourite weapon of Artemis, the Greek Godess of the Hunt, and her female army of Amazones.
With this in mind, I perceive the Labrys and the Trainings I offer as a tool to bring clarity. Of course as a Trainer my double-sided axe consists of models, theory and experience, and even more relevant: questions to you.
This carefully handled Labrys shines light on your perspectives, preconceived ideas and illusions. It takes away as much as possible the noise and the clutter these cause, and gives way to a more objective reality and supports a more effective approach to reach your goals and results.

Another interpretation is offered by Laura Perry in “Ariadne’s Thread”:
“The ritual double axes that have been found at various archeological sites are beautifully crafted and decorated, but they are too flimsy and delicate to have been used for practical purposes. The labrys is, in fact, a stylized butterfly, a symbol of the regenerative power of the godess. “

Regenerative power. The symbol of the butterfly as a symbol of growth and transformation. For me as a trainer and probably for you as a business leader or training participant these concepts are key.

Last but not least I point to the concept of duality the Labrys represents.
“Yin and Yang.” “Light and Dark.” “East and West.” “We and They”. “Inside and Outside”.
As in private life, in your organisations you always have to deal with choices between two extremes: focus on the internal or the external, on teambuilding or on the customer?
Do you reach your goals by focusing on the hard content or on the soft skills, the contract or the relationship?
Do you define your strategy based on your succesful history or do you fully focus onto that which the developing market asks, the future opportunities? And do you reach for those opportunities, or do you first try to stay away from the events and developments which threaten you?
And if you decide to do both, how do you find a balance in the distribution of your energy and attention? What will your strategy look like? Work with Labrys!

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