Run Effective Meetings

Why waste anybody’s time?

Statistics indicate that an average manager spends approximately 50-70% of his/her time in meetings. How many hours a week do you sit through them? Did you ever consider the cost of a meeting of two hours attended by six colleagues? Are your meetings really necessary? And what do they actually deliver in the end? Does the value delivered justify the investment of time, effort and money?
Did you ever ask your team members for their opinion about this?

Training Description:
The training offers understanding and insights, skills, tools and techniques how to run effective meetings. Looking into the reasons why meetings are set up, the process and interaction before, during and after the meetings, and the final results of the meetings, you will gain skills to save time and money, and generate faster results.

Managers, team leaders and their teams who want or need to run effective meetings, leading to faster results.
“Run effective meetings” is offered as a one-day training. A minimum group size of 6 is recommended, in case of more than 15 participants 2 trainers are required.

Learning Objectives:
Develop skills and behavior to run highly effective meetings with maximum results and minimum loss of time.

• Personal meeting inventory
• Meeting preparation
• Role plays
• Roles & Responsibilities
• Meeting administration
• The “Conscience”
• After the meeting

Targeted outcomes:
Team leaders, managers and professionals who are able to run effective meetings, generate meeting results and have time for their other tasks.

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